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Health Insurance Is There to Protect You & Your Family

Recommended preventive care and routine checkups are difficult to afford without the right insurance plan. Your health insurance plan is there to protect you and your family in times of need. It allows you to go to the doctor when you need to and stay as healthy as you can. When you shop for a health insurance policy, you’re taking the first step to investing in your health.

With the right policy in place, you’re also protecting yourself from financial losses. An unexpected medical emergency can easily turn into bankruptcy or even the liquidation of your home if you’re not adequately protected. A devastating medical diagnosis or bodily injury is already a tremendous burden on you and your family without having to worry about how to pay for it. Having health insurance in place before you need it is the best way to prevent catastrophic financial losses.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

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It can be confusing to choose the right type of health insurance policy. If you’re interested in protecting yourself from catastrophic losses while keeping premiums low, a high-deductible plan may be the best option for you. This type of plan is most often chosen by families who don’t have complicated healthcare needs. All costs are paid out of pocket until you reach your deductible, after which your health insurance takes over.

If you or your family members frequently visit the doctor, you may prefer a plan with a lower co-pay for those visits. This type of plan will have a higher monthly premium but will make your out-of-pocket costs more manageable. You can also keep your co-pays down by sticking to the providers who are in network for your insurance policy.

Prescription coverage can also vary, depending on the type of insurance plan you select. Our insurance agents can help you by looking up the cost of your current medications with the new prescription plan.

Another consideration for choosing affordable health insurance is the doctors and facilities that are covered in your network. Our agents can make sure that your plan covers your preferred providers, allowing you to continue your medical care as before. We can also answer questions you may have about your coverage.

Affordable Health Insurance for Families

Affordable Health Insurance for Families

To get the best coverage for your family, our agents will go through the process with you. We are certified on the Your Health Idaho Marketplace and can assist you with options for tax credits or Medicaid. We can even help you find direct or short-term policies, whether this serves to provide coverage for a temporary medical condition or to bridge an employment gap.
Besides health insurance, we also recommend setting up dental and vision insurance. As with other preventive care, it’s important to schedule regular dentist and optometrist visits to keep your entire family in the best of health. Do you already have a pediatrician or pediatric dentist you adore? We’ll make sure your health insurance plan covers your favorite doctors and dentists.

Group Health Insurance for Your Small Business

Group Health Insurance for Your Small Business

In Idaho, an employer consisting of two or more employees is eligible for group insurance. If you’re running a small business, even if it’s a husband-and-wife team, you can take advantage of this option. As long as the employer-sponsored insurance is offered to all employees (whether they sign up or not), you can get affordable health coverage for yourself and your family this way.

Employer-sponsored insurance plans provide tax benefits for the employer and the employee. In addition to health insurance, this plan can also offer vision and dental benefits. We can even find options to offer life insurance and disability insurance for your employees through these group plans. The group health plans also have different options and can be high-deductible plans or policies with higher monthly premiums but lower co-pay per doctor’s visit.

How We Can Help You

As independent insurance agents, we can find you the health coverage that’s right for you and your family. We’ll take our time to thoroughly assess your needs and talk about what options are best for you. Whether you need health, dental, or vision insurance–or all of the above!–we’ll find the most affordable health coverage for your needs.

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